Sharp PC-1500/TRS-80 PC-2 : how to transfer programs to/from a PC using the tape interface.

Loading a program from the library to the PC-1500 / PC-2:

Digitizing a PC-1500 / PC-2 save file:

Cleaning/editing your digitized files using WAV2BIN and BIN2WAV:

The Pocket-Tools (WAV2BIN, BIN2WAV, BAS2IMG) are neat utilities that will convert Sharp sound files (WAV) to/from binary files. This enables you to edit a Sharp program on your PC, for example. You can also use them to generate noiseless sound files that will take very little space after zipping...

To get started, here is the procedure for a BASIC program (a detailed description of wav2bin/bin2wav is available on their homepage) :


You might have to fiddle a bit with the volume settings in the digitizing step (PC-1500 to PC) to produce a usable WAV file. If you don't manage to digitize directly the output of the tape interface (output of a CSAVE command), then save the program to a tape and digitize the tape. That way, you have more control on the volume of the signal sent to the PC.

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