Sharp PC-1500 : SNAKE game

"Snake" for Sharp PC-1500+4,8,16KB or PC-1500A.
© Happy Computer, 1984. (*)
Author : Michael Berthold
Published in "Happy Computer", november 1984.
Contributed by : J. Bohs
Binary program - 1676 bytes.

Download zipped WAV (10.8 KB)

Load and start the game:
NEW (&5100+1676)
CALL &5100

A : turn 90º left
D : turn 90º right

Game: In this fast-paced game, you must guide a snake to the exit while avoiding obstacles.
The game runs on a PC-1500 +4K RAM and is entirely written in assembly language.
Launch the program in RUN mode by entering CALL &5100. A scrolling title screen appears during a few seconds, and the games starts. The PC-1500 displays the playing field, your points ("P:xxxx"), game level L ("L:x") and the number of remaining snakes ("S:x"). After a 9-to-0 countdown, the snake appears on the left and advances automatically. Use "A" to make a 90º counterclockwise turn, and "D" to make a 90º counterclockwise turn. You must avoid the obstacles, the snake's tail, and the field limits. If you succeed, you jump to the next level (more difficult) and get 100xL points. Have fun....


(*) This software is made available for documentation purpose only, since the PC-1500 is now an obsolete computer. This is not a commercial site. If you own a copyright on this program and do not want it to be available from this site, please inform me and I will remove it.

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