MACBAS2014 - A macro-assembler, monitor, debugger and sourcer for the Sharp PC-1500 and the TRS80 PC-2

MACBAS2014 for Sharp PC-1500 + 8KB RAM (Images provided for CE-151, CE-155, CE-159 and CE-161/163).
© C.Gottheimer, 1990-1995-2012-2014-2015
Download zipped WAV (2.2MB).
Download the MACBAS2014 manual (228KB).


MacBas gives you access to the full power of ML (machine language), with a macro assembler, a sourcer and a debugger embedded with the BASIC.
With MACBAS2014, you can write BASIC programs containing assembly instructions, debug the ML programs directly from BASIC, using the same environment, list or recreate assembly programs from the ML code.

Note 1: MACBAS2014 itself fills 8KB RAM.
A PC-1500 with a "new ROM" version (test: PEEK &E2B9 [ENTER] should give 56).

Note 2: MACBAS2014 IS NOT compatible with the CE-150 printer and the CE-158 serial interface, because they use the same memory zones for storing system data.
Before printing, you must reinitialize the printer.
After printing, the data, pointers and registers of MACBAS2014 are lost. You need to reassign them with ASM or REGS.


Type the following code:
10 asm &2000,&20FF,&2100,&21FF
20 "STRLOWER":dec l
30 if c
40 begin
41 lda (bc)
42 cpa ASC("A"):jr nc,"NUPPER"
43 cpa ASC("Z")+1:jr c,"NUPPER"
44 or ASC("a")-ASC("A"):sta (bc)
45 "NUPPER":inc bc
46 until djc
50 endif
60 scf :ret
70 end

Execute with RUN, and wait for 3 seconds. The code will be assembled.
In PRO mode, typing DEF (down-arrow) will show:
2000="STRLOWER":dec l
Use (down-arrow) to see the next instruction:
2001:jr nc,&2012

Now execute it (A$ is at address &78C0 and the string has 16 characters).
A$="TH!S 1s -MaCBaS-"
EXEC &2000;,&78C0,,16
and you will see: th!s 1s -macbas-

You can execute it step by step by doing EXEC TRON &2000;,,&78C0,,16

Now, do NEW to clear the current program, and call the sourcer SRCS:
SRCS &2000,&2013,,&2100
And now do LIST and use the (down-arrow) to show the ML program sourced:
10:"STRLOWER":dec l
20:jr nc,"L002"
30:"L001":lda (bc)
40:cpa &41

More explanations in the macbas2014.pdf file provided with the zip archive.

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